Blog Instructions

For this class, every student will be required to write a blog post related to the class discussion and readings from the day they introduced the speaker (see syllabus). Summarizing complex global health issues via blogging is a task that may pop up throughout your career, and we hope this assignment will give you a chance to hone this skill! You’ll also be required to comment on at least three blog posts from your peers throughout the course of the semester. Blogs should be submitted within 48 hours of the class session you have been assigned (i.e. before the next class). 

We encourage you to be creative with these posts! Is there a political, cultural, or economic lens to the selected topic that you thought went undiscussed? Do you have relevant personal experiences? Did one of the readings grab your attention? Can you analyze or visualize relevant data in an interesting way? All are perfectly fine options.

So how do I write a blog post?

Here is a great reference from the New York Times on the differences between academic writing styles and blog writing styles. In short:

1) No jargon. Assume your reader does not have a M.Sc in global health from Duke!

2) No citations. If you’re referencing a reading or outside work, quote a relevant piece within the text or summarize it concisely.

3) Keep it short! 1,200 words max. (For perspective: most news outlets limit editorials to 800 words).

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